Technical Prospects – Appleton, WI

Late in 2013, Technical Prospects was faced with the exciting challenges of managing their growing business, implementing an updated brand identity and utilizing an expanded facility.  With the knowledge of Appleton Sign’s solid design/build reputation, they reached out to our team for a consultation on new exterior signage.  During an initial assessment of signage needs it was determined that the development of primary building ID signage, a primary monument ID sign as well as secondary wayfinding signage would best serve Technical Prospects.


After establishing a clear foundation of what Technical Prospects needed, the design phase included a trust in Appleton Sign that offered the design team a freedom to explore several conceptual outlines that addressed Technical Prospects original challenges.  There was a mutual excitement with the designs as they offered an elegant and sophisticated answer to a new business identity.

With a design option approved, a family of signs moved into production.  A palette of quality paint colors were used to compliment the facility.  A routed & backed copy style was assembled to maximize visibility with the illuminated ground mount signage as well as the installation of energy efficient LED lighting.  Finally, the halo-lit style of the building signage translated well for Technical Prospects’ business character.


Completion of the project threw a new set of challenges our way in the form of Mother Nature, but the coordination of dedicated individuals across the board allowed the project to finish as a success.


…a special Thank You to Technical Prospects for a wonderful opportunity!

technical prospects_testimonial

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